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Ammo Bags - Why or Why Not?
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Ammo Bags - Why or Why Not?

Ammo Bags - Do They Have a Use? 

So, you're heading to the range and you've got a few Ziplock baggies full of different ammo to load after your mags run dry. Maybe you used a permanent marker to write what caliber they are, or what loads they are. Effective? Maybe. A more permanent solution would be carrying an ammo bag, like the one from Esstac, or GryphonGuardianGear. It doesn't have to be one of those, these are just the only two I currently own. Anything from Esstac is going to be high quality, you know that for sure. GryphonGuardianGear is a smaller company, but so far his bags have been nothing short of amazing. An ammo bag is a good way to sort your loose ammo for reloading mags at the range - personally, I do LONG (8-10 hour) range days, so I will end up loading mags at some point during the trip. Having them in bags like these is much easier than carrying them in hard cases, I can toss these anywhere in my car without worrying about a plastic or metal ammo box tipping/flopping around my car. 

In a conversation with a buddy recently, he made me realize these could also be used as a quick "grab and go" medical bag - small enough to toss in your car or in a bag, but large enough to handle a full-size IFAK and probably extras. Toss a few TQ's, a stop the bleed kit, all of the MARCH essentials, and you've got a neat, relatively cheap, little grab and go bag. It may come in handy when you're on the road or around the house. 

The very last benefit is that they just look so cool, and isn't that half the battle?

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