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Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10X - The Best Mid-budget MPVO There Is?
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Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10X - The Best Mid-budget MPVO There Is?

Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10x44

This year, I set out to put together a special purpose rifle (SPR) for my collection - I wanted something that could potentially hit out to 1000Y in a gas .223 platform, while still being a capable weapon up "close" if needed. I knew I wanted an optic around 2-10, 2.5-10, 2-20, etc., specifically for the larger objective lens. A 1-10 such as the Vortex Razer HD did not fit this role, due to the small objective lens, which would not be great out to longer ranges, and for the role this optic/rifle was planning to fill. Ultimately, after going back and forth between a few optics under $1,000, I landed on the Primary Arms GLx line. 

So, let's talk specifics. I paid just around $630 for this optic, and I believe it hits way above its weight class. 

  • The GLx line is considered the mid-tier line within PrimaryArms optics line, with SLx being a step below, and the PLx being a step above. 
  • Eye relief on this optic is phenomenal, being right below 3". 
  • I haven't "beaten this optic up" yet, but the controls and optic itself feel very rigid, perfectly suitable for hunting, competition use, or just larping. 
  • The weight isn't bad compared to other optics in this magnification range/size, being around 22 ounces. 
  • The glass is CRISP! I put a paper plate out in my yard and wrote some small words on it, and was able to read it at many difference distances. It is about as clear as any glass I have in my collection. 

The bad with the GLx. 

  • As of writing this blogpost, I have no complaints with this optic. For the price point I don't think you will beat it. Even going up a step in price to the line of Trijicon MPVOs, I would argue that this beats their MPVOs out on everything. I will update this blog post once I have more range time behind this optic. 

Final thoughts: for being all in with a high-quality mount under $1,000 for an optic like this, I don't think you can go wrong. I've been entertaining the idea of putting an ACRO or RMR at the 12 o'clock spot, so this rig can still be useful in "CQB" if needed, but haven't decided on it yet. Highly recommend this optic if it fits your needs and role of your rifle. If you're interested in checking out some Primary Arms optics at great prices, look no further!

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