2011 5.56 1+2 GAP Side BY Side KYWI Shorty

Color: Black
Front Webbing: Webbing (+$1)
4X Attachments: None

The 2011 5.56 1+2 GAP pouch is one of the best ways to carry two 2011 mags and an AR mag, all without taking up too much belt space. The GAPs between the pouches are perfect for mag baseplates, to avoid rubbing or touching during mag changes. These are perfect for competition shooters, avid rifleman, tactical professionals, or anything in-between! 

Esstac Notice: We will be phasing out the PALS webbing on the rear of Kywi pouches with Brookwood Laminate Squadron laser cut PALS backers. Squadron is currently in use with many of our current pouches.  During the transition, orders may contain pouches with webbing, the new laser cut backer, or a mix of both.

There is no guarantee of which version you will receive.

These are the same pouch "body" as our regular pistol pouches with the addition of a purpose built 2011 kydex insert. Designed for 2011 magazines, these also work well with full size and compact double stack metal magazines such as those used with P320's, M&P's, VP9's, etc.