Handcuff KYWI Pouch

Color: Black
Attachment Type: NONE

*We will be phasing out the PALS webbing on the rear of Kywi pouches with Brookwood Laminate Squadron laser cut PALS backers. Squadron is currently in use with many of our current pouches.  During the transition, orders may contain pouches with webbing, the new laser cut backer, or a mix of both.

There is no guarantee of which version you will receive.

Our handcuff pouch was designed for a Federal Agency with a need for an open top cuff pouch with retention. It comes with two inserts, the end user needs to try both and see which works best with their cuffs.

The Handcuff Kywi was designed around Smith and Wesson M-301 (hinged) cuffs and Peerless 700C (chain) cuffs. It is compatible with similar other makes/models, however it IS NOT COMPATIBLE with ASP handcuffs due to their size. We do plan to MFGR a pouch specifically for those, no ETA at this time.