HRAC Body Armor Loadout

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Color: Black (Medium)
  • Protection: Level IV Stand Alone Armor Piercing
  • NIJ Standard 0101.06 CERTIFIED: This product is NIJ 0101.06 compliant “Certified” by NIJ and can be found listed on the NIJ’s CPL
  • 500 Denier Cordura, HRAC Carrier
  • Quick Release with ROC Buckles
  • Internal pocket for soft armor
  • Maximus Placard Comes with 3 mag AR insert
  • Two general purpose pouches
  • Two pistol magazine pouches with polymer inserts

HRAC Body Armor Loadout

When it comes to body armor setups, there are a lot of options out there. HRAC Body Armor Loadout is one of them. We decided to make the choice a little bit easier for everybody and create a combo that gives you the basics you need and saves you some money as well!

This loadout starts off with the HRAC Plate Carrier, a versatile carrier that is the backbone of any good loadout. We have also included a quick-release cummerbund for you to get into and out of quickly. On top of that, we include the Maximus Placard that gives you the ability to store gear and other essentials. This loadout includes a set of NIJ Level IV plates to stop the most common threats you might face. Whatever your mission is, know that you are prepared for it with one of the most advanced and versatile armor systems on the market today.

HighCom Armor Guardian 4s17M NIJ Level IV

The Guardian 4s17m™ is one of our top-selling rifle armor solutions. The 4s17m is a level IV stand-alone multi-curve plate that provides armor-piercing protection at an affordable cost. Engineered with a ceramic strike face and PE backing, the 4s17m is DEA compliant and is NIJ 0101.06 compliant “Certified” by NIJ and can be found listed on the NIJ’s CPL (Compliant Product List).

HRT HRAC Plate Carrier

The HRT HRAC is a no-nonsense plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular. This base model is easy to don and doff.  The carrier is made from 500 Denier Cordura treated with DuPont Teflon. and has attachment points for an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system ( Included with all HRT Placards) on the chest to instantly don/doff additional equipment based on your operational needs. Our optional MOLLE and Quick Release Cummerbunds expand real estate for additional pouches, side-plate pockets, or whatever else you might need to fulfill your mission.

HRT Quick Release Cummerbund

The HRT Quick Release Cummerbund was designed with the purpose to quickly doff and don your carrier, but still maintain the function of a MOLLE cummerbund. The Quick Release Cummerbund utilizes ROC buckles for quick detach, featuring 3 rows of PALS webbing to attach your MOLLE pouches or side plates. The cummerbund also features an internal pocket for soft armor. With its universal one-size-fits-most design this cummerbund is compatible with our RAC Plate Carrier and HRAC plate carrier.

Maximus Placard

The HRT Maximus placard was designed to attach to our HRT HRAC and RAC plate carrier or work in conjunction with the Duraflex buckle system. Our Maximus placard features triple M4-style magazine inserts along with two handgun magazines with polymer inserts. The Maximus placard also features two general-purpose zipper pockets on the front. The back face of the placard is a hook face to mate with a loop face of the front of a carrier or vest to keep it securely in place. The Maximus placard is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex buckle attachment system.