Mini Pack

Color: Black
Water Bottle w/ Malice Clips: None
Version: Tapered

Notice: These ship from ESSTAC to IntelGoons, then IntelGoons to you, so there is about a 2-3 day added shipping time - meaning about 10 days in total from me to you! 

The Esstac description is better than anything I'd be able to make. They made a hiking pack, it's sick. 

Wanted a little Hiking pack

Made a little hiking pack

You might like it, or not


6" wide x 5.25" deep x 13.5" tall, more or less

Two versions:  One has a 1"ish taper at the top and the other does not.

Water bottle pouch is made for a 16.9oz generic bottle.  Might fit yours but probably not