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SME Bullseye Target Cam (Sniper Edition) - 1 Mile

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The Bullseye Camera System is as simple as downloading SMEs free app, setting the camera downrange and seeing your shot on an iPhone, iPad or Android device. No cellular or internet service required! Designed to elevate your shooting accuracy, this innovative target cam system provides real-time video feedback, revolutionizing your sight-in sessions. With a range of one mile, it offers exceptional clarity and reliability, ensuring you never miss a shot. Perfect for precision shooters and avid marksmen, the SME Bullseye Target Cam enhances your shooting experience with advanced technology and unmatched accuracy. Step up your game and hit your target with confidence every time.

Key Features :
  • One-mile range
  • High definition 960p
  • All in one unit
  • camera, Wi-Fi transmitter with removable long range Wi-Fi receiver
  • Ball joint swivel camera, 15º in each direction off center
  • Adjustable Wi-Fi transmitter, built in hinge and locking cantilever for up to 90º tilt-n-lock, and rotation for direct line of sight to the receiver
  • Removable & dock able Wi-Fi receiver
  • Wi-Fi receiver and transmitter led indicators for verification of power, and signal strength
  • Integrated battery charging system