5.56 Triple Daeodon Midlength KYWI Pouch

Color: Multicam
Front Pals Webbing: Naked

The 5.56 Triple Daeodon pouch is perfect for the front of your plate carrier, often being utilized as essentially a minimalist placard. There is webbing on the front to expand your setup further if needed, giving these "pouches" some adaptability as the mission dictates. 

ESSTAC front panels do not come with the Female QASM buckles.

To use our front panels on different plate carriers that are out on the market make sure you have the 1" female buckles and they are spread 6" apart from the inside of the buckles. Also make sure your carrier has loop velcro under the buckles so our front panels can attach to your plate carrier that you have.

Front panels are removable via velcro(they act as the cumberbun flap) and two ITW QASM Buckles at the top. Simply pop the two buckles and swap panels. They are built the same as our normal Kywi pouches, but instead of Webbing on the back for mounting they have Hook velcro and two buckles to integrate into the PC.

Front panels remove some excess typical of Plate carriers, no longer do you need a mounting system and front flap. So you remove some weight and streamline/thin the front of your PC.