6 Round 12 Gauge Shotgun Card

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Color: Multicam
Add Sticky Back Velcro?: No
Enhance your shotgun's versatility with Esstac Shotgun Cards. Designed for quick and easy access to additional ammunition, these durable and reliable shotgun cards are perfect for competitive shooting, hunting, or tactical operations. With their sleek and compact design, Esstac Shotgun Cards offer convenient storage while ensuring your shotgun remains agile and ready for action. Most people (me included) slap a shotgun card on the side of their shotgun, for quick access to ammo for a reload. 

There is hook velcro sewn on the back of the shotgun cards. Made for 12gauge shotgun shells only. The "Add Sticky Back Loop Velcro for $1.50" option is a strip of industrial strength loop velcro with industrial strength adhesive. Choose this option if you would like to attach the shotgun card to your shotguns receiver. Please let the velcro adhere for 24 hours to let the adhesive take a set.

Key Features: 

  • Sizing:  6.5" long x 2"wide
  • Elastic: 1.5"wide
  • Black,CoyoteBrown,RangerGreen,Foliage color is mil spec Elastic.
  • Muliticam color is printed mil spec Elastic.