Enhanced Shooter's Belt 1.75"

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Color: Black
Belt Sizing (In Actual Inches): Small 28-33.5"

Esstac's Enhanced Shooter's Belt is a Inner/Outer Belt combo that is different from all other's. Featuring a non adjustable 1.75" COBRA® Buckle, the Shooter's Belt is a two piece belt design utilizing 1.75" Inner & Outer belts. While the buckle is non adjustable, our belts are unique in that each side of the belt adjusts. It has an adjustment range of 5.5". Made for hard use to last a lifetime.

*Includes both Inner & Outer Belts.

*The Enhanced shooters belts is made from Brookwood's Squadron® Laminate cordura with 12Layer Tegris® plastic liner and one-wrap® velcro that are 100% laser cut for a strong and accurate belt.  Depending on color the Enhanced belt has a massive weight savings over the original, Multicam alone is 26% lighter.

Do not rely on actual Pant sizing or your belt will be wrong.  Measure yourself with a tape measure, around your waist where your belt would go, preferably over your pants. 

Small 28-33.5"

Small PLUS 30.5-36"

Med 33-38.5"

Med PLUS 35.5-41"

Large 38-43.5"

X-large 43-48.5"