Peltor Comtac V Headset W/ Mic (BLK)

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Introducing the 3M PELTOR ComTac V Headset – Your Reliable and Rugged Solution for Unmatched Communication Excellence.

Experience communication like never before with this advanced headset featuring omni-directional microphones and high-fidelity speakers meticulously engineered for optimum voice transmission and exceptional sound sensitivity. The result is a headset that not only delivers clear and accurate sound replication but also provides a natural-sounding experience with unparalleled clarity.

What sets the 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ V apart is its innovative MT33 boom microphone, replacing the legacy boom mic for external radio transmissions. This upgraded component significantly enhances audio transmission in diverse noise conditions, with a key improvement in noise cancellation performance. The MT33 boasts an impressive 18 dB in noise cancellation, a substantial leap from the previous 6 dB offered by the legacy microphone. This improvement, measured at a 10mm distance and normalized for 0 dB at 1kHz, ensures crystal-clear communication even in challenging environments.

The 3M PELTOR ComTac V Headset is not just a communication device; it's a reliable and rugged companion you can count on for uncompromised performance in any situation. Elevate your communication experience with the pinnacle of sound clarity and noise cancellation technology.


  • Helps Protect from Hazardous Steady-State and Impulse Noise
  • Clear 2-Way Audio Comms - Radios & Intercoms
  • Environmental Listening for Auditory S.A.
  • "Talk-Through" for Face-to-Face Verbal Conversation
  • Accessory Rail Connection (ARC) Option
  • Engineered to Prevent Cross-talk with DUAL COMMs