Steiner DBAL D2 LED IR Aiming Device

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The Steiner DBAL-D2, a Class 1 Infrared Laser, offers civilian-safe, eye-friendly functionality. With a 0.7mW rating, it reaches up to 450 yards – ideal for night shooting and training. Designed for weapon-mounting and compatibility with head-mounted night vision goggles, it aligns with the latest Gen3 tubes' identification range.

As a civilian-legal DBAL-A2, it includes a Class IIIa visible green laser, Class 1 Infrared laser, and an integral LED Infrared illuminator with High/Low settings. Running at 600mW, the illuminator provides clear aiming up to 800 yards. The 0.7mW IR laser remains unaffected in the illuminator's beam, ensuring precise aiming in challenging lighting conditions.

Functionally, both lasers are slaved, simplifying zeroing adjustments. Physically robust with aircraft-grade aluminum housing, the DBAL-D2 shares the excellent HT Self-Adjusting Throw-Lever for quick detachment. Compact like an AN/PEQ-16B, it's rugged and adaptable to various rails.

Innovative and customer-driven, the DBAL-D2 streamlines the civilian night vision market. The inclusion of an LED illuminator frees up weapon real estate, and its exceptional performance makes it a standout choice. Note: Visible downrange signature exists due to the LED illuminator.

  • Visible green laser
  • Weight 12.5 oz.
  • Submersible to over 5 m