Surefire Replacement Waterproof Rear Cap - SR07 Included (Tan)

If you are running a weapon light, you need an easy way to quickly activate it at a moment’s notice. Gain control over your light system with the SureFire SR07 Remote Switch. With this remote switch, you can provide momentary or constant activation for your weapon light. It comes with an extremely durable cable to attach your illumination device to the pressure pad and is completely weatherproof with O-ring sealed plugs. The pressure pad features a snap on clamp that securely attaches to any 1913 picatinny rail. With the SureFire Remote Switch, you can run your device at any position on your rail and still be able to easily activate it. If you have a need for a light on your firearm, then you have a need for a remote switch that allows you to easily use it.

The SR07 is compatible with:
  • Scout weapon lights

  • Tan
  • DS00 Click-on/off push button switch
  • Momentary on switch for weapon light
  • Weatherproof plugs and pressure pad switch
  • Clamps onto picatinny rails
  • 7 inch cable
  • Designed to withstand heat from a rail

Like everything from SureFire, this tape switch is overbuilt and designed to last. With an aluminum construction and rubber switches, it can take on any mission whether you are under the scorching sun or being drenched by rain. It is designed to withstand the high heat generated by shooting consistent strings of fire. The front pressure pad has a tactile bump, so you can tell which button you are pressing without needing to look. The 7 inch cable provides plenty of room for you to have the tape switch on the opposite side from your devices giving you versatility in how you want your weapon system set up.

SureFire designs and manufactures a wide variety of firearms accessories, from weapon lights to suppressors but they built their name on weapon laser sighting systems. Since then, SureFire has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful lights. The SureFire name has become synonymous with excellence in handheld illumination. They believe in providing a product that will give you the edge when dealing with unknown threats in the dark and any of the other possible reasons why a bright, small light could be used.