WarHorseConcepts Patterned Slings

Color: Alphabet Bois
Adjuster Type: Polymer Buckle

We're happy to now be a vendor with WarHorseConcepts! I wrote a review about their slings here if you're interested: https://intelgoons.com/blogs/news/warhorseconcepts-slings-hitting-way-above-their-price

The down and dirty - these slings are badass, and their quick adjustments are unrivaled. The patterns offered are cool, and often times even hilarious (looking at you, Alphabet Bois). 

Notice: product in pictures may not match the adjuster type you're ordering. These pictures are meant to display the various camo patterns. 

No attachment points included.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Approximately 0.06″ or 1.62mm thick
  • 750 lbs. tensile strength
  • Melting Point: 482 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • UV, Rot, mildew and Moisture Resistant