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Lead & Steel Promethean LP-1 - The EOTECH Killer?
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Lead & Steel Promethean LP-1 - The EOTECH Killer?

The Lead & Steel Promethean LP-1 Red Dot Optic

A newer optic to hit the market in the past couple of years; it officially garnered the nickname the EOTECH killer during it's branding phase I believe, because of its ruggedized hood & body, which apparently went through extensive destructive testing (though I have personally not done any). Being compared to an EOTECH off the bat is already an improper comparison, because they are two entirely different technologies. The EOTECH is a holographic, which means there is an embedded holographic reticle, whilst the LP-1 is a red dot optic, which has an LED emitter that sends a beam at the glass. So with that being said, let's get into the nitty-gritty. 

The price point for the LP-1 is around 60% of what most EOTECH HWS optics run for on the market, depending on make/model/deals, but the LP-1 can be had for anywhere from $330s to $375 most days. 

  • Large window, larger than most red-dot optics on the market, allowing for quick target acquisition. 
  • Integrated QD mounting, which seems to have a very tight lockup with no play. I like their mounting mechanism quite a bit, big improvement from earlier designs. 
  • Configurable circle/dot + single dot reticles, which is a unique feature! Can keep a single dot on, just the "donut", or donut + dot. Newer models have "aurawake", which is their equivalent of the shake-awake technology, with slight differences. You can keep the main dot on 24/7, and "aurawake" will awaken the full reticle. 

So now, let's talk about the gripes I have with the LP-1. 

  • Personally, I currently don't have any, though admittedly, my round-count with it is low. I will update this blogpost once I have maybe 2-3K rounds through this optic. 

Final thoughts: I always find myself going back to my EOTECH EXPS3-0, and I'm not sure if it's because of the aesthetics, the window, or the ease of use with the buttons. I think I need to put more time behind the LP-1, maybe it will overtake my love for the EOTECH. You could certainly not go wrong picking up an LP-1 for a shorter rifle, a PCC, or even pairing it with a magnifier for something like a 13.9, 14.5, etc. 

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