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Elcan SpecterDR 1x/4x - the best old technology you'll ever use.
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Elcan SpecterDR 1x/4x - the best old technology you'll ever use.

ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x

We've talked about red dots, we've talked about holographics, what the hell is the Elcan Specter? It's a Dual Role Optical Sight, though technically using "red dot" technology - the unique part about this optic is that it has a throw lever that rotates the sight internally, to go from the 1x CQB sight, to the 4x magnified sight. Low-powered variable optics zoom BETWEEN their ranges (1 through 6x, 1 through 4x, etc.), whereas the Elcan just physically switches the optic within the scope body to go from 1x directly to 4x.

So, as always, let's get into the features of this optic that make it worth the massive price $1700 - $2200+. I will say, for 99% of users (me included), there is probably an optic that fits your larperator uses that doesn't cost this much. But I own one, and I love it, and here's the reasons why. 

  • The reticle is insanely useful, with the ballistic crosshair, rangefinder, area fire circles (I can go into this more in another blog post, as to why area fire is useful). 
  • The red dot and crosshair are both able to be illuminated, you can do one or the other, or both. 
  • Powered by a CR2032 (3v Lithium) battery. 
  • Attached by two integrated ARMS levers, that attach to 1913/picatinny. 
  • This thing is bomb proof, literally. It was purpose-built for SOF users to be able to withstand anything they encounter during their operations. 

So, let's talk about the bad, because there are a few. 

  • The battery life is not great, likely because of the use of an illuminated dot and complex reticle (that takes a lot of battery power). Lasts around 1-2k hours depending on reticle/dot settings. 
  • The eye relief is something you'll have to get used to - but with enough hours behind the optic I will say this is a non-issue. I would compare it closely to the ACOG, though slightly different. 
  • Many people complain about the weight (not me), though it's heavier than basically all dots/holographics, you'll have to compare this to an LPVO, since that's the class that this optic is in. Compared to most modern/high-end LPVOs, this weight is better and even more balanced towards the rear of the rifle. Also, go lift if it's bothering you. 

Final thoughts: this is my favorite optic, hands down. I would love to buy a second one. Is it going to be most people's favorite optic, and worth the price tag? I would say absolutely not. This fits well on a 13.9, 14.5, or even 16. Mine sits on top of my 13.9 ADM/LMT. 

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