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Trijicon SRO - The Best Competition Pistol Dot? Yes.
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Trijicon SRO - The Best Competition Pistol Dot? Yes.

Trijicon SRO Specialized Reflex Optic

We've talked rifle and PCC optics in the past, let's talk about a pistol dot. Trijicon is known for making some of the most ruggedized optics, but what about competition optics? I've ran the Trijicon SRO (2.5 MOA variant) on my Glock 17 Gen 5 for six months now, with roughly 3,000 rounds through it. Now that's not an astoundingly high round count, but I do have some time behind this optic. The dot is crisp and large enough to pick up quickly (though you may want to opt for the 5 MOA variant, if you prefer slightly more speed for slightly decreased accuracy). Online users claim that the SRO is easily breakable, but I've thrown my Glock into buckets in competition, and fallen off shooting platforms and onto my holster hip on occasions, and the SRO has held up just fine. 

So let's get into some features that make it worth the price tag ($450-500s). I purchased mine for just under $500 six months ago. 

  • Huge window/field of view, significantly larger than the RMR line of optics.
  • Top loading battery (unlike the RMR), so you don't have to remove the entire optic and re-zero every time you need to change the battery. It's worth noting, this design has been around on most Holosun pistol dots for quite some time.
  • Illumination settings are great, in daytime and under nightvision. 

Let's talk about my personal gripes with this optic.

  • Under the right angle from the sun, you may experience a "double dot" or false dot. This has happened to both me and a friend of mine who runs the 5 MOA version. When the sun came through at the right angle, we both experienced a false dot reflection into our optic, which did hurt our shooting. 
  • Personally, the SRO has held up to everything I've done to it so far - but some users say it is a very fragile optic. This can be rectified by purchasing something like the Jagerwork BROs, or another protective cover. I, however, am running mine without any cover. 

My final thoughts

I like this pistol dot a lot, and don't see myself going back to an RMR anytime soon (outside of piggybacking or offsetting). It's an incredibly fast optic, due to the large window and dot. I plan on buying another sometime this year or early next year, when I decide on a new full-size pistol to run (maybe an M9A4, LTT Beretta, or something like from Bul Armory, still undecided). Usually if I buy an optic more than once, that's a strong indicator that I highly recommend it! 

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