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WarHorseConcepts Slings - Hitting Way Above Their Price
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WarHorseConcepts Slings - Hitting Way Above Their Price

WarHorseConcepts Slings

First let's talk slings, and their importance. As a prior Army infantryman and current competitive shooter, flat range larper, and someone who's constantly trying to find the time to run and gun with my friends - I undoubtedly understand the importance of a well-made sling. 

That being said, let's get into the specifics of the WHC sling. They offer both standard slings, and padded slings - I own two standard slings (in multicam, and multicam black), but would like to procure a padded sling at some point for my Benelli M4. They offer (in my opinion) the coolest colors and patterns in the entire industry, ranging from standard camouflage patterns such as M81, DNC, and multicam, to more unique patterns such as 'Flamingat', 'Alphabet Bois', and many more. Over 30 different camouflage patterns in total! But camouflage patterns aren't what makes a "good sling", though it certainly does help - these are amazing slings for other reasons: 

  • Quick adjustments via the polymer buckle or metal cam buckle - I use this feature ALL OF THE TIME - I usually keep my sling relatively tight to my body, just enough to get good retention when aiming down my optic, but will quickly adjust to give myself some play when swimming my arm out of a sling for different shooting positions, especially when doing 9-hole barricade work. 
  • 750 lbs of tensile strength - which will far exceed any firearms needs you may have. 
  • A melting point of over 450 degrees, which makes it perfectly acceptable to wrap through a rail, or attach in various locations closer to the muzzle, which may be more inclined to heating up a bit. 
  • Resistant to UV, rot, mildew, and moisture - for those times you may have your trusty firearm in the field for extended periods of time, you know you won't have to worry about your sling.
  • And of course, I always like to mention price, because all of us are operating on a budget nowadays. Depending on the adjuster type, these slings range anywhere from $34-40, though may be slightly more if you need some sling accessories. In comparison to other popular slings, these are priced extremely well, and haven't changed with inflation. 

Now, in typical IntelGoons fashion, let's talk about my gripes with these slings.

  • Personally, I don't have any, however - the quick adjustment is something that you will need to get used to. You have to pull at the correct angle to get the adjustments to occur - with over a year of usage with these slings, it's second nature to me. This should be a non-issue for all shooters, regardless of experience level. 

My final thoughts on WHC slings, and slings in general: 

I've lugged an M4, an M249, and an M240 for 10+ miles on multiple occasions, and usually with awful unbranded Army issued slings, having something like this WHC sling would have been a huge quality of life upgrade for me as a young E4. 

It's worth noting that slings are not meant for every setup; for instance, I don't run a sling on my "purpose-built" Sig Rattler home defense build, but I do run one on my general purpose rifle, my night shoot setup, my combat shotgun, and will be on future PCCs. My reasoning behind not running one on the home defense build is for the simple fact that I don't want an additional snag point when maneuvering through my house and potentially engaging in close-quarter-battle.Close-up picture of AR15, focused on the sling. Optic and suppressor shown

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