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Spiritus Fanny SACK Pouch Mk3 - we like sacks, and we don't care who knows.
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Spiritus Fanny SACK Pouch Mk3 - we like sacks, and we don't care who knows.

Spiritus Fanny Sack Pouch MK3

In typical IntelGoons fashion, I will be starting all reviews with my disclaimer now. This Spiritus Sack was paid for with my own personal money in March of 2023. This is in no way, a paid promotion or review, I write these because I enjoy it and want to spread knowledge. 

Now that the admin stuff is out of the way...officially known as the "Spiritus Fanny Sack Pouch MK3", the guys over at Spiritus knocked this one out of the park (as they usually do). "It's just a fanny pack?" you might say, yeah, that is true. It's a fanny pack, so why pay $70  for this over $12 from one off of Amazon? I have an Amazon Chinesium sweatshop fanny pack, it cost me $14.99 and has pineapples all over it. It's perfectly fine for keeping a protein bar in and maybe my keys, but the construction is far too flimsy for any sort of "mission essential" gear. I always tell people in the gun community to buy once cry once, spend the money on quality gear, otherwise you'll keep repeat purchasing $15 fanny packs as they rip and tear. That doesn't mean go out and buy the most expensive item, because cost does not always mean quality!

I bought this SACK with the intention of running it in a defensive shotgun course, which I did! I needed the ability to carry a box of shells on me at any given time, and I hated the idea of loose ammo in a cargo pocket or stuffed into front pockets, so this was my solution for the class. This fits over 25 shells in it with some room to spare, and I ran a small "stop the bleed" kit in the front zippered pocket, with a TQ dangling below. This fanny pack far exceeded my expectations, and turned me down the path to find the best fanny pack on the market. In the future, I will be comparing my five favorite fanny packs in a blog-style post like this, as well as social media posts and YouTube, but that's for future us to worry about. 

So, let's give Spiritus our list of pro's with their product: 

  • The size is just about perfect, with the ability to carry a handgun (think G19 or smaller) in a holster if needed, but also not too big and bulky to hinder maneuverability. 
  • Durability is a big factor in all of my reviews, and Spiritus knocked it out of the park with this. 
  • Fitment is great and easy to work with, and never came loose (even throughout an 8 hour class).

Now, for the cons I've personally found with this: 

  • My only real issue was the loosening of the TQ dangler over time when running and gunning, I did have it fall out maybe two to three times throughout the class. The two elastic loops at the bottom seem to not have an amazing hold for a TQ, though that seems to be a persistent issue across fanny packs. 

My final thoughts about the Spiritus Fanny Sack Pouch MK3 - the brand name of Spiritus obviously speaks for itself, with their work in the special operations community and greater military, and ownership being former special operators I believe. These guys certainly know how to make a product for operators and everyday people (like myself). This fanny pack really does a good job at holding mission essential gear, or just everyday gear for a run in the park. I don't think you can go wrong buying anything from Spiritus! 

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